ImmuneSoft Software Development Page


Enterprise Computer Security has now evolved into completely  new dimensions-- introducing the Open-Source  ImmuneSoft Security Platform for Microsoft Windows™!  ImmuneSoft's unique technology behind our Server and Agents provide for Integrated, Real Time security with Active Response to threats and administration requests.

ImmuneSoft is now an Open Source project hosted at, released under the GNU Public License v2.  We wish to thank for their support of us and the open source community!

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page for some of the basic information about this project.  We apologize for ImmuneSoft being a huge pill to swallow -- it has already become a giant of a program and we did "sort of ambush" the industry by releasing it open-source without much lead-in warning.  Chin-up -- its a fun program and extremely needed for most organizations. :)

Please check out the following ImmuneSoft resources:   Official Web Site   Location of current binary distributions and ISO image development site, source code bundle, open-source binary distributions   Registration and secure certificate generation   Eric Knight's Development Blog

Please be aware of the following facts about the ImmuneSoft Security System:

The software is currently between alpha and beta stages of development -- many of the tools connected to the package are "alpha" while the architecture (that's mostly invisible) is in beta.

The ISO image (burned to CD) is the best way of installing the package.  The "autorun" system on the CD will launch the installation bundles.  The bundles on the CD can be used for any other installation deployment system if necessary.  Please be aware that the ISO image may be out-of-sync with the current source code distribution.